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Don't wait until you are in the field to find out that you aren't ready for the hunt... A lot of hunters think they are ready for the hunt but get out there and realize that they are out of shape, can't call in elk, or their gear fails them mid-season... Don't be that guy with a downed elk in the backcountry that can't get the meat out because he wasn't realistic with his hunt plan.

Test your preseason training in a competition style event. Competing against others can add a different element to your training, & help you learn to deal with some of that "Buck Fever".

Event Activities 

Scoring for the Ultimate Champion


Elk calling

1st Place: 200 Points

2nd Place: 190 Points

3rd Place: 180 Points


Pack Out Challenge

1st Place: 200 Points

2nd Place: 190 points

3rd Place: 180 Points



Best Score of the weekend


(NEW) Sprint Challenge

Timed sprint and weighted drag, 3 arrows will add and/or subtract time.

12 ring subtracts 3 seconds

10 ring subtracts 2 seconds

8 adds 2 seconds

5 adds 3 seconds

0 adds 5 seconds

Example: 3:00 minute sprint with a archery sequence of 10/8/0 will equal a score of 3:05


1st Place: 100 Points

2nd Place: 90 Points

3rd Place: 80 Points


At the end of the Western Hunt Fest Circuit we will select a list of finalists to compete for the WHF Ultimate championship. Selection will be based on the total points racked up throughout the WHF circuit. Points will be tracked by WHF staff and a leader board will be posted on the website and on social media. The Winner of the “Ultimate Hunting Champion” will be rewarded heavily with a big trophy and our Largest Giveaway that we have ever given.


We offer the best trophies and huge prize giveaways for the winners of our events. We only reward the winners so don't come in second place. 

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