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The WHF is made possible by a handful of amazing sponsors! If you are a sponsor interested in joining this event please contact us at (303) 547-0055.


Trusted by Millions of Hunters

Join the millions of hunters who trust onX Hunt to find more game, apply for tags, explore new areas and states, and hunt smarter.

Products geared for the extremes of adventurers andmountaineers worldwide, under the most gruelingof circumstances.


PackEmOut apparel Pack Em Out with Pride. Whether you are a first-time hunter or a seasoned one, you know the taste of your own sweat when packing your harvest through miles of the wild. We cater to the pride of the hunter. We're not just a clothing line with a cool logo, we are a L I F E S T Y L E brand that wants to go hunting with you and be on all of your outdoors adventures.  


HUNT HIKE HARVEST H3O aims to bring the first science-based training program to the outdoor community. Hunt Hike Harvest Outdoors (H3O) was created to deliver a multi-faceted platform that connects the outdoorsman to a multitude of resources that are intended to provide knowledge, research, resources and connectivity yet to be seen within the outdoor community. H3O was founded under the premise that high altitude big game hunting requires an extensive amount of physical conditioning and preparation to successfully harvest any animal. Regardless of your age, physical ability or limitations, H3O programs are custom tailored to you, your availability and the type of hunt you want to have. Whether you’re a casual weekend hunter or a die-hard solo back country woodsman, H3O will prepare you for the demands of your hunt.

Mountain Ridge


Snowy Mountain
Parallel Lines
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